Nilgiri Diary from Devala, The Land of Gold Mines

After a long break, here is a travelogue from our recent trip to Nilgiris. It is a roughly six-hours drive from Bangalore, so we had made the last minute plan to stay for two nights in an isolated place. On the route, we enjoyed a lot of wildlife sceneries, but the elephant cub was a signature shot.

Stopped for Papaya
Spotted Deer fight
elephants group with cub

We stayed at Wild Planet Jungle Resorts (Devala), and we didn’t have many expectations. However, the experience was serene, rejuvenating, and one can experience good fresh air..!  The place is surrounded by lush greens of tea estates and thick rainforest. There were many activities like nature walks, trekking, salaries etc. along with some indoor games; and we could spend some quality time with family and kids.  – That’s pretty much brief about the resort and vacation.

My extended focus was on photographing nature as much as possible – though I wasn’t carrying any telescopic lenses at all, I could take a few decent images of some flora and fauna.

Nature Walk

This was part of one of the activities offered by the resort, escorted by a professional naturalist. He patiently explained about the rainforest and its characteristics throughout the 2.5 hours of mini trekking.

The Naturalist, explaining about specialities of tall trees and it’s root structure, and how it withstands during heavy rains and storms.
“I was not carrying any super telephoto lens with me and couldn’t focus much on the photography. However, we thoroughly enjoyed the nature walk with the team. Throughout the trail, we could listen to the loud sound of the Indian cicadas.
Listen to the serene forest sound

Nature Walk Photos

Liana Plant

Apart from the photos taken during the nature walk, I could also spot some species at the resort itself. This is a place for butterflies and Moths. We witnessed many such species within the property.

Russell’s Viper
Atlas Moth
Atlas Moth resting on the window

Romantic Views

The resort dining area offers a beautiful sunset viewpoint, and I could capture some nice sunset images

About the place

This resort is located in Devala (Kerala / Tamil Nadu state border of south India). This place is also known as the Land of Gold Mines. At the reception, they have kept a sample of gold ore rocks pieces that they found during construction.

My son didn’t forget to carry a 1 KG piece of gold ore to Bangalore.

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  1. Rajesh CP says:

    Excellent narration and super clicks Siva!

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    1. Thank You… I have added more photos.


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