“Dedicating to my Dad.”

Greetings, I’m Sivaprasad. I’m an IT professional and a freelance photographer at heart. I currently reside in Bengaluru, India.  This is a Photoblog that narrates my expeditions from my life and experience, and detail about the art that I am trying to create along the way.

I got the initial lessons of photography from my Dad. He gave me the first hands-on workshop using ‘Yashica FX – 3 Super’ and SECONIC Light sensor AUT-LUMI L158.  Yes, I had spoiled a couple of KODAK film-rolls. I also had some opportunity to wash the negatives and develop some photos using darkroom setup


Time flew, and the digital camera era slowly pitched in. From 2009 onward I have started shooting with Digital Cameras. Canon PowerShot SX10-IS was my digital camera gadget and here is one of my favourite shot:

November 2009 – Shot on Canon PowerShot SX10 IS

Later from 2013 onward, I have started using Nikon 5100 and slowly got familiar with different DSLRs bodies and lenses. That was the beginning of a long journey towards a passionate photographer.

November 2019 – Shot on Nikon D850

That’s the background of my photography life and I still continue my journey with my favourite companion, ‘Nikon D850’ many lenses, filters and accessories. I carry those in most my travel, and I love to capture candids and long exposure photographs. Landscapes, Nature and Wildlife are my interesting subjects.

As Bryan Adams said, “I think I’m better behind the camera than I am in front.”